Oak is a heavy, strong, light coloured hardwood. In general, oak wood allows to achieve a good-quality finish. Oak timber can be very well etched, polished, glued and are suitable for a wax finish. Oak accepts nails and screws perfectly, and can be bleached and moraine when necessary.
Application: For the production of furniture and other products we offer a solid oak and veneer cladding. Also available oak planks for flooring, stairs, railings, etc.

Beech is a hard, strong, heavy wood with tiny pores and large conspicuous medullary rays, similar in appearance to maple. Typically beech wood is treated without complications and can provide good quality flat surface. Beech timber has good turning properties, easy to glue together, well etched and polished. Due to the high hygroscopicity of the beech boards and other cut-parts of beech can’t be kept in an environment with high humidity. This phenomenon is called the “breathing” of wood. In order to avoid it the temperature and humidity in the room should not vary within wide limits.
Application:The use of beech is very diverse – from the furniture to the manufacture of household items. Steamed beech is easy to bend, this feature can be used in the furniture industry in the production of bentwood chairs. Stairs and flooring are made of beech boards as well.

Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Despite the increased viscosity, ash wood successfully handled manually and with machine tools, which gives a smooth surface. Suitable for gluing, etching and polishing.
Application: Ash – one of the best wood types for bending and timber is widely used in the manufacture of the furniture, including chairs. It is also used in the production of plywood and decorative veneer cladding, sports equipment, tool handles.

We can manufacture timber according to your individual order.
Grade I – 4 sides clean.
Grade II – one side clean, other sides may have sapwood up to 30% of the thickness and knots up to 15mm without any traces on clean side.
Grade III – sapwood up to 30% of the width, knots on both sides up to 15 mm, can be some colour change.
Grade IV – sapwood without limitations, knots on both sides up to 40mm, with a change in colour.


Dimensions, mm
1 26x50x320-620
2 26x55x270
3 26х75/77/80х320-470
4 26×75/80×520
5 26×75/80×620-970
6 26×75/80×1020-1420
7 26х75/80х1520-1920
8 26x102x620-970
9 26x102x1020-1420
10 26x102x1520-1920
11 26x130x620-970
12 26x130x1020-1420
13 26x130x1520-1920
14 26x150x770-1020
15 26x150x1120-1520
16 26x150x1620-2020

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